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I am an Industrial Designer from Carleton University who strives for a positive impact through design. I am a problem-solver who values multi-disciplinary and systems thinking approaches for tackling complex problems to develop products that fit seamlessly into users’ lives and improve their experiences.

  • 2019 | Microsoft, Seattle, WA, as a UX Designer

  • 2018 | Walter Klassen FX, a visual FX studio, in Toronto as a Prop Builder

  • 2018 | Microsoft, in Vancouver as a UX Designer

  • 2018 | Autodesk in Toronto as an Experience Designer

  • 2017 | KiraKira3D, a start- up in San Francisco as a Content Creator


  • 2020 | Pal | ACIDO Rocket Finalist

  • 2020 | Pal | George Lynn Memorial Scholarship, Carleton University

  • 2018-20 | Dean’s List, Carleton University


For more information about my work history and skills, please check out my resume.


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